Differences of Endoscopy, Arthroscopy, and Laparoscopy

The suffix “oscopy” is translated to: viewing of, normally with a scope. This is a medical procedure where cameras are inserted inside the body to possibly diagnose a patient of any condition. There are a number of different procedures that can be done by a professional. Here are a few of these common medical procedures using scopes.


Endoscopy is a common nonsurgical procedure done to examine a person’s digestive tract. A flexible tube with a light and camera, called an endoscope is used to view the hollow organ or cavity of a body. They are usually inserted into the organ itself, which makes it different from other types of procedures.


Arthroscopy, which can be referred to as arthroscopic surgery, permits the visualization of structural abnormalities in a joint. It is used to perform minimally invasive surgeries, together with the use of an endoscope. Arthroscopic procedures can be done to evaluate or treat various types of orthopedic conditions.


With the use of a thin lighted tube placed through a small incision on the belly, laparoscopy makes it possible to examine abdominal organs or female pelvic organs. This is a procedure commonly used to find cysts, adhesions, and fibroids. Laparoscopy can also be used to gather tissue samples for biopsy using the laparoscope. The success of these procedures relies on the tools that are used. If you are looking for used medical power tools or used surgical hand instruments for your facility, only turn to a trusted and certified seller.

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