Buying Used vs. Refurbished Medical Equipment

Medical technology isn’t free, and neither is it cheap. However, there is a viable option for those in need, and that is the previously-owned equipment market. Buyers will spend substantially less for functioning machines, but not without slight risks, depending on whether or not the equipment is used or refurbished.

Pre-owned and USED
A used piece of machinery will be passed on to the buyer in its current condition. No repairs or improvements were made, except maybe for a little cleaning. The risk here is that no warranty is provided. This means that the buyer is responsible for any repairs after the sale.

Pre-owned and REFURBISHED
Many companies will repair and even upgrade a pre-owned machine and sell it as refurbished. These companies often provide a limited warranty, which means they shoulder repairs within the warranty period. These cost slightly more than used machines, but doesn’t have the risk of spending for early breakdowns. Plus, the prices are still much lower than brand-new.

Ask the right questions

Once you’ve decided what you need, the next challenge would be finding a trustworthy seller. Look for one with experience in the medical field. Ask about the equipment’s age and who the previous owner was. An old and well-worn machine shouldn’t command a higher price, unless it had extensive refurbishment. Lastly, know how to haggle. Some sellers will agree to a lower price with the promise of future sales. This way, you get the best value, and the seller stays in business.


Sterilizing Laparoscopic Surgery Equipment

Modern medicine has been able to revolutionize the way surgical procedures are done. One such example would be the rise of laparoscopic surgery. With tinier incisions in less risky areas, patients are able to recover at a much faster rate while receiving the same world-class treatment they deserve.

Of course, the rise of laparoscopic surgery has increased the number of equipment used to perform these procedures. As such, medical professionals must take great care to properly sterilize their equipment to prevent the spread of disease. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you out: