The Rules of Selling Used Medical Power Tools Online

Selling medical power tools online is a tough and tricky business. There are a lot of rules to follow to ensure that you and your clients get the best deals possible. The retail industry is a market where reputation matters. Since you are selling your products online, there are more chances that a customer will write a review about your company and your services and you do not want to have a bad review written about you. As long as you follow some rules, selling medical power tools online will become easier.

Top 5 Rules to Follow

Rule #1: Know the market and your competition – knowing these people will give you an edge in everything. From pricing to the demand of certain equipment, you can prepare for the changes required to create the perfect deals.

Rule #2: Consider wholesale vs. retail – consider whether you would like to go for a dealer who will handle everything or sell to specific users and handle the process yourself.

Rule #3: What are your pricing factors? If you’re not sure about the pricing keep the following factors in mind:

• Age and physical condition of the equipment

• Cosmetic condition

• Difficulty of installation and de-installation

• Time frame – whether you need to sell it fast or if you can store it

Rule #4: Always be fair – Price your equipment fairly and always treat your customers with respect.

Rule #5: The more photos, the better – Showcase your products with high-resolution photos. The more pictures you have, the more likely people will be drawn to buy from you.

Another Option

If you feel like selling your used medical power tools is too much work for you, you can ask for the help of reliable retailers. They can find your buyers and you can sit and relax.


Advantages of Using Refurbished Medical Tools

Most people hardly know the difference between used and refurbished equipment. They don’t know that there’s a huge difference between the two. Used ones are basically tools that have been used by other companies and are sold or leased. Refurbished ones are also used tools but worn out or damaged parts of a device are replaced with new ones. So, what are the advantages of reconditioned ones over secondhand ones? Read along to find out.

Used medical equipment do not come with a warranty. If they malfunction or fail to work properly after a few days or weeks of using it, it is your expense to have the device repaired. You are also responsible for the maintenance of the tool. Refurbished medical products are considered to be as good as new because it is already been tested with new upgraded parts. They also come with warranty that includes installation.

Altogether, the two choices provide a cost-effective plan that acquires quality medical power tools at a very affordable price. Tools may come with some risks if they are bought from an unreliable source. UsedStryker provides quality used and refurbished tools you can always trust.


Differences of Endoscopy, Arthroscopy, and Laparoscopy

The suffix “oscopy” is translated to: viewing of, normally with a scope. This is a medical procedure where cameras are inserted inside the body to possibly diagnose a patient of any condition. There are a number of different procedures that can be done by a professional. Here are a few of these common medical procedures using scopes.


Endoscopy is a common nonsurgical procedure done to examine a person’s digestive tract. A flexible tube with a light and camera, called an endoscope is used to view the hollow organ or cavity of a body. They are usually inserted into the organ itself, which makes it different from other types of procedures.


Arthroscopy, which can be referred to as arthroscopic surgery, permits the visualization of structural abnormalities in a joint. It is used to perform minimally invasive surgeries, together with the use of an endoscope. Arthroscopic procedures can be done to evaluate or treat various types of orthopedic conditions.


With the use of a thin lighted tube placed through a small incision on the belly, laparoscopy makes it possible to examine abdominal organs or female pelvic organs. This is a procedure commonly used to find cysts, adhesions, and fibroids. Laparoscopy can also be used to gather tissue samples for biopsy using the laparoscope. The success of these procedures relies on the tools that are used. If you are looking for used medical power tools or used surgical hand instruments for your facility, only turn to a trusted and certified seller.


Checklist for Buying Used Medical Equipment

When you’re buying used medical power tools, it can only end up in two ways: either you get a steal and save money from your smart purchase, or you can end up spending more for repairs from faulty equipment. In order for clinics or hospitals to avoid the second scenario, there are a few helpful items you can put on your checklist before making a final purchase. These pieces of equipment are a big investment after all; whether you are going for new or used tools, you should be able to get your money’s worth. 


Top 5 Considerations

Be picky before making your final decision. Here are some tips to think over when you are about to invest in used medical power tools.

1.) Consider your preference, needs, and most of all, your budget. One way to make this step very effective is by prioritizing your list. When budget is a problem, go for the tools you need the most first.

2.) Think twice about the benefits of used equipment vs. newer equipment. There are some factors like warranties and upgrades that make some used tools worth the investment after all.

3.) Only purchase used equipment that will last you longer. If it will be rendered useless after a few years, might as well skip on that purchase.

4.) If it is available, try to get a service history for the items you are purchasing.

5.) Always go for a reseller that is certified and trusted. 

There may be many cheap used medical tools that are for sale online, but not all of them will give you the best deals nor can they guarantee consistent and dependable performance. Don’t fall prey to big discounts, because you might end up paying more in the long run. Do your research and get the best deals available!