Used and Refurbished Medical Equipment

The concept of the word “used” oftentimes brings the impression that it’s old or nonfunctional. Then came the term “refurbished”, a word associated with the word “used”. These words are often seen in discussing medical equipment. Although both “used” and “refurbished” pertains to products or equipment that are in a working condition, it cannot be used interchangeably. Buyers should consider the difference between the two when looking for used medical equipment for sale.

Used Medical Equipment

A used piece of medical equipment generally refers to an equipment that is sold as it is. Meaning, there are no changes or repairs made to the product. When buying a used medical equipment, you can guarantee that it will be on a very low price compared to brand new medical equipment. This is a great option especially to those owners of startups of medical facilities or those who are budgeting their expenses.

Refurbished Medical Equipment

Refurbished medical equipment are those who underwent repairs or replacements of parts. Refurbished equipment commonly gets tested to ensure quality control, calibrated, and upgraded with new parts. Refurbished equipment also comes with warranty packages so you can guarantee that it is safe to use these devices.

There is nothing wrong with scrutinizing used or refurbished equipment. After all, it’s the name of your medical facility and the safety of your patients and employees that are at stake here. But always remember that a used or refurbished medical equipment does not necessarily mean that it’s inferior to a brand new equipment, just as long as you are working with a reliable seller, you have nothing to worry about.


Safety and Sanitation of Medical Equipment

Handling medical power tools and equipment needs a great amount of hygiene and precaution. Patients entrust their well-being and health to the medical professionals who use these equipment, and keeping the equipment clean and well sanitized not only keeps the overall cleanliness in the medical facility, but also the quality and efficiency of the medical equipment. It gives both your patients and employees the assurance that they will be safe while staying at your facility.

Overall Risks Connected with Improper Cleaning

Some medical tools are disposable while some tools are reusable. Reusable medical tools should be more focused on than disposable ones in terms of sanitation. All medical tools are contaminated with both visible and hidden bioburden after being used in a procedure. This bioburden may contain hundreds or even millions of organisms that are potentially infectious. When left on the device that was cleaned, this speck of bioburden is a huge risk to the patient. That is why doing an appropriate procedure in cleaning tools and equipment is a standard part of every medical facility.

Thorough manual and/or mechanical cleaning is a common procedure in sanitizing medical equipment. This assure that all surfaces of the medical tool, both internal and external, are completely free of bioburden. Rinsing the tools are also needed to remove all residual bioburden and detergent. If the equipment cannot be washed with water, it should then be dried. Remember that a device that is not clean cannot be sterilized.


A Brief Guide to Selling Used Medical Equipment

Medical facility owners and healthcare centers who are planning to expand their facilities have the option to sell their used medical equipment. This does not only give your business a good amount of revenues to help your expansion, it also clears away your inventory of tools that are not as efficient as those that you need for your facility’s improvement. Putting your used medical equipment for sale is not that difficult if you know the basic guidelines:

Map Your Market

Before selling your medical equipment, consider all the possible buyers that you will have. One example that you will encounter for selling you medical equipment are the health care providers. Chances are, you would have to exert more effort in selling your equipment to them. They are the more picky types of buyers, like wanting to receive the equipment through delivery, seeing it being installed and properly working before calling it a deal.

The Wholesale and Retail Difference

There are two ways in putting your medical equipment on sale: wholesale and retail. These two methods of selling is determined by how you meet the type of buyers. Wholesale is when you plan to meet with a reputable dealer who will take care of everything, while retail is personally selling your equipment to a user and basically handling all the process. Selling in the retail method will give you more revenue but will ask you to do more work.


When Buying Used Medical Power Tools and Equipment

Hospital facilities, both startups and those who have already started their business in the market are now given the option to buy used medical power tools and equipment. With the rise of the used medical equipment market, business owners in the medical field can now save money while having the same high-quality medical equipment that they need. However when looking for used medical equipment for sale, you still need to evaluate and look if the tools and equipment fit the standards and following factors:


Look at the overall condition of the equipment. What every buyer of equipment wants is that it’s functioning well and safe to use. Test all the medical equipment that you are planning to buy. This just won’t save you time but also money for repairs of dysfunctional equipment.


The quality of a piece of medical equipment is determined through the number of years it was used. Some older equipment may not have the features that newer ones have. Consider this when buying an equipment. Check if the equipment has the features that you are looking for. If you are not that sure about the feature, you can always ask the seller for clarification.


The last factor to consider when buying used equipment is the price. Don’t just buy the first equipment you see in the market. Canvas and survey the market with the equipment that you are looking for. This will help you look for cheaper equipment with the same quality.


A No Regrets Guide to Buying from Refurbished Medial Instrument Sales

The difference between the outcome of CT scans and ultrasounds in terms of detecting kidney stones may be very minimal, however, it’s still up to the medical doctor and the patient to decide which method they would like to undergo. According to statistics, kidney stones are a common occurrence in the U.S. (experienced by one out of three people), so in any medical facility, having the right equipment is essential for performing tests on patients. Understandably, the cost of the equipment can skyrocket especially when brand new equipment needs to be purchased.


High-Quality Refurbished Medical Equipment Useful in Treatments

When surgery is required to repair an ACL tear, arthroscopic surgery is the suggested procedure. However, the specialized equipment can be a bit pricey, especially if a medical facility or doctor requires a large number of brand new arthroscopic equipment. In such cases, quality refurbished medical equipment becomes a fantastic option due to their discounted price. At first, purchasing refurbished medical tools may not exactly be an appealing idea, even with the added incentive of a reduced price. However, companies like Used Stryker go to great lengths to ensure that their stock of used medical equipment has been restored to the manufacturer’s standards. Furthermore, many refurbishing companies offer a warranty on the equipment they sell.


Buying Used Medical Equipment? Know These Terms

Brand new medical equipment can put a heavy dent in the pockets of hospitals and surgical facilities. Medical centers that want to provide high-quality care but still remain smart in today’s economic climate have found allies in the used medical device marketplace, which sell reconditioned, refurbished, and remanufactured equipment.

Shopping for used medical equipment can be a tricky project for uninformed buyers, and it pays to know what to look for in the sea of available products out there. Here are some terms to remember before buying: