Medical Equipment All Hospitals Must Have

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 10,000 types of medical equipment existing today. In order to treat an extensive variety of injuries and diseases, hospitals should be equipped with the right medical devices and machines to treat them all.

Here are some examples of the core medical equipment that all hospitals must have:

Anesthesia machines - provides patients with the correct anesthesia levels

Defibrillators - used to restart the heart in emergency situations

Diagnostic ultrasound - used to examine the body internally, commonly used to monitor a pregnancy

EKG machines - monitors the electrical activity of the heart and looks for signs of abnormalities

Electrosurgical units - used in surgery to cut tissue and limit blood flow

Patient beds - the number of patients a hospital can accommodate is limited to the amount of beds they have, which is why it’s important to have these on-hand

Patient monitors - LCD monitors that allows doctors to get a closer view of a surgery

Sterilizers - cleans surgical tools and equipment by killing the accumulated bacteria

Stress systems - used in cardiology to determine the reaction of the body in elevated stress conditions

Surgical lights - allows surgeons to operate with better lighting

Unfortunately, the prices of some brand-new medical equipment might be too high. An alternative option that medical organizations can resort to is to buy from stores that specialize in selling used medical equipment at reasonable prices.

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