How to Manage Medical Power Tools Cost

Are you building your clinic or medical facility but wondering how to set a budget for your medical power tools? Do you have the right capital to buy new medical equipment or are you considering buying used, refurbished or signing a lease? Whether you choose to buy brand new, refurbished or leased, it is better to look at your options first, analyze the need for these medical power tools and how much you’re willing to spend on a device. 


New, refurbished, or leased?

New equipment is considered as the most reliable. However, refurbished medical equipment can function as well as new equipment. The refurbishing process is intended to return a product to manufacturer’s standards, which includes: complete inspection, replacement parts, recalibration, maintenance and confirmation that the equipment is in working condition.

If you see that you do not have enough resources to make a cash purchase on a new or refurbished medical power tool, then the other option that you should consider is leasing. Leasing is cheaper and will not affect the capital that you have set up for your business; instead, payments made will be considered as monthly expenses.


Analyze the need for the equipment

Consider which features you like on your device and what technological innovations have been made since your equipment was manufactured. Prioritize your requirements for the medical equipment, factor in how long you need the device to last and how frequent your facility needs it. 

How much do you want to spend?

Determine the cap of your budget in buying new medical power tools and compare them with refurbished devices. If your facility is looking for quality without the cost, refurbished equipment can be 30 to 70 percent less expensive than new devices.

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