Used and Refurbished Medical Equipment

The concept of the word “used” oftentimes brings the impression that it’s old or nonfunctional. Then came the term “refurbished”, a word associated with the word “used”. These words are often seen in discussing medical equipment. Although both “used” and “refurbished” pertains to products or equipment that are in a working condition, it cannot be used interchangeably. Buyers should consider the difference between the two when looking for used medical equipment for sale.

Used Medical Equipment

A used piece of medical equipment generally refers to an equipment that is sold as it is. Meaning, there are no changes or repairs made to the product. When buying a used medical equipment, you can guarantee that it will be on a very low price compared to brand new medical equipment. This is a great option especially to those owners of startups of medical facilities or those who are budgeting their expenses.

Refurbished Medical Equipment

Refurbished medical equipment are those who underwent repairs or replacements of parts. Refurbished equipment commonly gets tested to ensure quality control, calibrated, and upgraded with new parts. Refurbished equipment also comes with warranty packages so you can guarantee that it is safe to use these devices.

There is nothing wrong with scrutinizing used or refurbished equipment. After all, it’s the name of your medical facility and the safety of your patients and employees that are at stake here. But always remember that a used or refurbished medical equipment does not necessarily mean that it’s inferior to a brand new equipment, just as long as you are working with a reliable seller, you have nothing to worry about.

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