Safety and Sanitation of Medical Equipment

Handling medical power tools and equipment needs a great amount of hygiene and precaution. Patients entrust their well-being and health to the medical professionals who use these equipment, and keeping the equipment clean and well sanitized not only keeps the overall cleanliness in the medical facility, but also the quality and efficiency of the medical equipment. It gives both your patients and employees the assurance that they will be safe while staying at your facility.

Overall Risks Connected with Improper Cleaning

Some medical tools are disposable while some tools are reusable. Reusable medical tools should be more focused on than disposable ones in terms of sanitation. All medical tools are contaminated with both visible and hidden bioburden after being used in a procedure. This bioburden may contain hundreds or even millions of organisms that are potentially infectious. When left on the device that was cleaned, this speck of bioburden is a huge risk to the patient. That is why doing an appropriate procedure in cleaning tools and equipment is a standard part of every medical facility.

Thorough manual and/or mechanical cleaning is a common procedure in sanitizing medical equipment. This assure that all surfaces of the medical tool, both internal and external, are completely free of bioburden. Rinsing the tools are also needed to remove all residual bioburden and detergent. If the equipment cannot be washed with water, it should then be dried. Remember that a device that is not clean cannot be sterilized.

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