Considerations when Buying Used Medical Equipment

Some medical equipment can be quite expensive, and it could be counterproductive for a doctor in private practice to invest in completely new equipment when the need arises. For this reason, many choose to purchase used medical equipment instead, an option that can be optimal as long as you consider these factors before making the purchase:


First, you should identify how the equipment will meet your practice’s needs. Ask questions about whether or not the equipment you’re about to buy can allow for a more accurate diagnosis of the conditions that your practice handles. Do research on individual equipment pieces and make an informed decision in regards to how they will affect your practice.


Used or refurbished medical equipment should come with sufficient documentation; don’t buy anything unless the seller can give you the necessary documents. Look for reference accounts, financial information, insurance detail, industry certifications, as well as regulatory and quality credentials.


Of course, you should also check up on the price of the equipment you’re about to buy. Set a realistic budget and be on the lookout for sellers that offer quality medical equipment that’s within the price range you can afford. Be sure not to let cost be the only factor that drives your decision when purchasing, you also have to consider the quality of the equipment.  A great place to start would be www.usedstryker.com.  

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