A Look into Endoscopy Equipment Technology

An endoscopy is a vital medical procedure used to conduct diagnoses for conditions like stomach ulcers and urinary tract infections. An endoscope is also utilized in surgical procedures like gallbladder removal or removal of small growths from the digestive or respiratory system.

Endoscopy equipment is used by most of today’s established health care facilities, with some making sure they have the up-to-date tools. Newly set-up surgical centers with budget constraints for the time being, however, can opt to purchase used but well-maintained endoscopy devices from reliable suppliers.

Technology is continuously evolving, however, and this also applies to endoscopy equipment. As a result, the health care industry can expect to see some changes with these tools in the near future.

As proof, a research team from the University of Buffalo is currently working to produce a fiber-based endoscope that ensures precise fluorescence imaging and features chemo-drug delivery meant to destroy micrometastases. This will be extremely beneficial to those who suffer from ovarian cancer, since cases are not typically confirmed until there are already a lot of metastatic tumor modules within the abdominal cavity.

This system has a highly sensitive camera with structured illumination capabilities to provide accurate fluorescence imaging, paving the way for precise drug distribution. Once the tool is perfected, it will be ready for sale. Researchers are hopeful this technology can dramatically increase survival rates of ovarian cancer patients. The equipment can also be utilized for diseases that involve the gastrointestinal tract or the lungs.

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